Models of the self / edited by Shaun Gallagher and Jonathan Shear. - Thorverton, UK : Imprint Academic, c1999. - xviii, 524 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Philosophical controversies. 'The self' / Galen Strawson -- Know thyself / Kathleen V. Wilkes -- Unified consciousness and the self / Andrew Brook -- There is no problem of the self / Eric T. Olson -- The self is a semiotic process / John Pickering -- Cognitive and neuroscientific models. Three laws of qualia: what neurology tells us about the biological functions of consciousness, qualia and the self / V.S. Ramachandran & W. Hirstein -- The periconscious substrates of consciousness: affective states and the evolutionary origins of the self / Jaak Panksepp -- Consciousness as self-function / Donald Perlis -- An interpretation of the 'self' from the dynamical systems perspective: a constructivist approach / Jun Tani -- The dialogue of the soul with itself / James Blachowicz -- Developmental and phenomenological constraints. A developmental-ecological perspective on Strawson's 'The self' / George Butterworth -- Mental and bodily awareness in infancy: consciousness of self-existence / Maria Legerstee -- Phenomenology and agency: methodological and theoretical issues in Strawson's 'The self' / Maxine Sheets-Johnstone -- Phenomenal consciousness and self awareness: a phenomenological critique of representational theory / D. Zahavi & J. Parnas -- Pathologies of the self. The self in contextualized action / Shaun Gallagher and Anthony J. Marcel -- On 'being faceless': selfhood and facial embodiment / Jonathan Cole -- Schizophrenia, self-consciousness and the modern mind / Louis A. Sass -- Pathologically divided minds, synchronic unity and models of self / Jennifer Radden -- Meditation-based approaches. What does mysticism have to teach us about consciousness? / Robert Forman -- A rDzogs-chen Buddhist interpretation of the sense of self / Jeremy Hayward -- Consciousness it/self / Steven W. Laycock -- Experiential clarification of the problem of self / Jonathan Shear -- 'I' = awareness / Arthur J. Deikman -- Further methodological questions. Reduction and the self / José Louis Bermúdez -- Subject and object / Mait Edey -- Exceptional persons: on the limits of imaginary cases / Tamar Szabó Gendler -- Being scientific about our selves / Mary Midgley -- Response from keynote author: The self and SESMET / Galen Strawson.




Mind and body.

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