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_b.G565 2013
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100 _aGillion, Daniel Q.,
245 _aThe political power of protest :
_bminority activism and shifts in public policy /
_cDaniel Q. Gillion, University of Pennsylvania.
260 _c2013
264 _aCambridge ;
_aNew York :
_bCambridge University Press,
300 _axiv, 191 pages :
_billustrations, maps ;
_c23 cm.
336 _atext
337 _aunmediated
338 _avolume
490 _aCambridge studies in contentious politics
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references (pages 173-188) and index.
520 _a"This book demonstrates the direct influence that political protest behavior has on Congress, the presidency, and the Supreme Court, illustrating that protest is a form of democratic responsiveness that government officials have used, and continue to draw on, to implement federal policies. Focusing on racial and ethnic minority concerns, this book shows that the context of political protest has served as a signal for political preferences. As pro-minority rights behavior grew and anti-minority rights actions declined, politicians learned from minority protest and responded when they felt emboldened by stronger informational cues stemming from citizens' behavior, a theory referred to as the "information continuum." Given the influence that minority protest actions have wielded over national government, the book offers a powerful implication. Although the shift from protest to politics as a political strategy has opened the door for institutionalized political opportunity, racial and ethnic minorities have neglected a powerful tool to illustrate the inequalities that exist in contemporary society"--
_cProvided by publisher.
650 _aPOLITICAL SCIENCE / Government / General
650 _aProtest movements
_zUnited States.
650 _aPolitical participation
_zUnited States.
650 _aMinorities
_xCivil rights
_zUnited States.
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