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100 _aBob, Clifford,
245 _aThe global right wing and the clash of world politics /
_cClifford Bob.
260 _aNew York :
_bCambridge University Press,
300 _axiv, 225 p. ;
_c22 cm.
490 _aCambridge studies in contentious politics
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
505 _aMachine generated contents note: 1. Clashing networks in world politics; 2. Making and unmaking policy; 3. Culture wars gone global: gay rights vs. the Baptist-burqa network; 4. Litigating for the lord: American attorneys and European sexualities; 5. Shootout at UN plaza: dueling over global gun control; 6. Battlefield Brazil: national disarmament and international activism; 7. Conclusion.
520 _a"Human rights, environmentalism, and global justice: these transnational movements today face fierce opposition from networks of conservative activists promoting contrary aims. In this groundbreaking book, Clifford Bob analyzes the clashes, proposing a new model of global policy making - and unmaking. This highlights the battle of networks, marked by exclusionary strategies, negative tactics, and dissuasive ideas. Bob first investigates the fight over gay rights, in which a coalition of religious conservatives, the "Baptist-burqa" network, confronts human rights groups at the United Nations and in such countries as Sweden, Romania, and Uganda. Next, he examines conflicts over gun control, pitting firearms enthusiasts against disarmament and safety advocates in the UN, Brazil, and elsewhere. Bob's provocative findings extend beyond the culture wars. With its critical conclusions about norms, activists, and institutions, this book will change how campaigners fight, analysts study international issues, and all of us think about global politics"--
_cProvided by publisher.
650 _aPOLITICAL SCIENCE / General.
650 _aNon-governmental organizations
_xPolitical activity.
650 _aRight and left (Political science)
_y21st century.
650 _aPolitical activists
_y21st century.
650 _aSocial conflict
_xPolitical aspects.
650 _aCulture and globalization.
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